The story begins here... with Limoncello

Crescendo began with a visit to a winery on the coast of northern California.  The owner and winemaker had fashioned his own Limoncello.  He graciously allowed us to take a small sample of it home with us. 

I had Limoncello before, but never home made.  I had always purchased the imported liqueurs that glowed like something that should go in my vehicle.  It fascinated me that it was something I could do.  This began a process of discovering the best Limoncello recipe I could come up with through trial and error.  

Three years later Crescendo was conceptually born.  Four years later you can now buy it and enjoy it with me.  It is the formula devised and executed by an engineer with a penchant for numbers and ratios, and an obsession for flavor, color, viscosity, and freshness.  In the end you have a product with as low a sugar content as possible; a fruit forward citrus flavor that slaps the tongue like only natural flavors can; a premium alcohol base that amplifies the flavor; and of course fresh Pacific Northwest water all the way from Oregon's Snowpack.

Straight from my place to yours.    

If it's for you, then it has to be perfect.