An old flavor is born again...

After drinking Limoncello for a few years we came to wonder why isn't there a Limecello?  After all we have our Limoncello's and our Arancello's (orange) but where did our friend the lime go?  So we conspired to create a Limecello.  

After putting together our first batch I took that first sip.  It was amazing!  I had to play; tequila, light beers, rum, gin, vodka, it goes everywhere and does it well.  I've even cooked and marinated with it.  Bottom line, if you like/love the flavor of lime, then this should be in your life somewhere.

Limecello triggered the conception of Crescendo.  A unique and widely loved flavor in a new format that is completely organic was/is the idea.  In the end we decided it was important to share all of these delicious flavors with you.  But we still salute it as the impetus to a journey. an organic liqueur