Last but not least

The end of the line up is our wonderful Arancello (orange).  If you are a fan of orange flavored anything's then our Arancello will knock your socks off.  Arancello is not a triple sec (a lot less sugar and the alcohol content is less) but in some cases can flavor similarly if you are looking to substitute. 

I love the Arancello, and my friends love the Arancello.  Last summer I had a special request from a friend to provide 12 bottles of my product to the wedding party.  I happened to be in the wedding party, but I was not part of the "party" that consumed two bottles of Arancello between 3 people.  They arrived to the wedding bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start the day.  Now I'm not saying that you won't get a hangover from this product.  But I haven't gotten one yet...or anyone I know.  BTW drink responsibly.   

What does this tell me? 
1. Hide the Arancello when my friends visit and,
2. Crescendo products are remarkably clean with high quality ingredients that your body will bless you
for the next day.

I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy it as we do.